Guided By Voices – The Goldheart Mountaintop chords

Great song by a great band.

To match the recording TUNE DOWN A HALF STEP step from standard.

The riff below repeats for about half the song.  Listen to the song,
its easy. (its the intro as well)

Cold hands touching my face, don't hide the snake can see you Old friends you might not remember, Fading away from you
F Gthe Goldheart mountaintop queen directory,
(play riff once through)
F GThe Goldheart mountaintop queen directory
(Play riff once through)
G CAnd we looked, and we passed
G Gm F FmThrough the hallway of shatterproof glass.
C Am G FShe runs through the night, as if nobody cares,
C Am G FShe screams and she cries, and ignores all the stares,
C Am G FShe wants me to come, but I'm never going there.
F G C AmThe Goldheart mountaintop Queen Directory
F Fm CThe Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory.
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