Guided By Voices – Echoes Myron chords

echos myron

G Bm/F# Em Ctower to the skies
G Bm/F# Em Can academy of lies
Bm Emand what goes up
Am Dsurely must come down
Bm Emand we felt the mighty blow-up
Am Dwith the walls coming down
Em C Dor something like that
G Bm/F# Em Cmost of us are quite pleased
G Bm/F# Em Cwith the same old song
Bm Em Am Dand all of a sudden i'm relatively sane
Bm Em Am Dwith everything to lose and nothing to gain
Gor something like that
Bm E Bm Amman of wisdom and man of compromise
Bm G C Dman of weak flesh in an armored disguise
all fall down G Bm/F# Em C
C G Em"if it's right you can tell" echos myron like a siren
Fwith endurance like the liberty bell
Emand he tells you of the dreamers
Fbut he's cracked up like the road
Em Cand he'd like to lift us up, but we're a very heavy load
G G/F# Em C C/B Cand we're finally here and shit yeah it's cool
G G/F# Em C C/B Cand shouldn't it be - or something like that
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