Guided By Voices – Bright Paper Werewolves tab

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      'Bright Paper Werewolves' by Guided by Voices

    from the album 'Under the Bushes, Under the Stars'

    chords (standard tuning)

         A    - 002220  

         Bm   - 224432  

         C    - x32010  

         D    - xx0232             

         D/C# - x40232 

         Em   - 022000

         G    - 320003

 D                A                               G

 come on polluted eyeballs   stop scouting out the field

 D                   A                          G

 jump up bright paper werewolves  and everybody everywhere

 G          D         Em                Bm

 anyone can scratch       and anyone can win

 G                    A

 so bring out another batch

 G                               D

 they want to get out of here    but they can't find the exits

 G                                     D

 they cling to the cinema    then they can't find security


 then they finally got recognized

         D       D/C#            C

 so they left in obscurity  and misery


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