Guillemots - Trains To Brazil Acoustic tab

I found this one on google and cannot take credit:

D F#m7
Its one o clock on a friday mornin im trying to keep my back from the wall
Bm Gm7/D
the prophets and their bombs have had another success and im wondering why we bother at all

D F#m7
I think of you on cold winter mornings darling they remind me of when we were at school
Bm Em/Bb
Nothing really mattered when you called out my name in fact nothing really mattered at all

And i'm thinking about how long it will take them to blow us away
Bm F#m/C# D F#m7
But i won't get me down
A Em7/D
Im just thankful to be facing the day
Cos days don't get you far when youre gone

D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7

D F#m7
It's five o clock on a Friday morning one hundred telephones shake and ring
Bm Em/Bb
And one of them is from someone who knew you.......
D F#m7
And i still think of you on cold winter mornings Darling they'll still remind me of when 
were at school
Bm Em/Bb
When they could never have persuaded me that lives like yours were in the hands of these 
And to those of you who moan your lives through one day to the next
Bm F#m/C# D F#m7
Well let them take you next
A Em7 (7th fret)
Can't you live and be thankful you're here

See it could be you tomorrow next year

D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7

chords: (remember - Drop D tuning)

D 232000
F#m7 222244
Bm 234420
Gm7/D 333350
Em/Bb xx3210
A 022200
G 330055
F#m/C# 22224x
Em7/D 000020
Em7 (7th) 787970
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