Gungor - Please Be My Strength chords

There is a marked lack of tabs (or chords) for this song online, so I decided to 
try my hand at a transcription.  I used this for a guitar class at my University.  
This is the picking pattern I use, the beats appearing on the top two rows and the 
fingerings on the bottom two:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1
/ .(/). / .(/). / 
4 23 4  4 23 4  4
1     1 1     1 1

In the actual recording, the pattern changes from verse to chorus, but I haven't 
yet figured it out.  The above transcription is truly only half of the verse 
fingering, but I play it throughout and it sounds good enough, if not entirely 
authentic.  Gungor himself is much more melodic in his playing; but this chord 
sheet should fit the bill until a more talented guitarist comes along and improves 
it.  Happy Playing!

Please Be My Strength

Verse 1
Bm F#m F# GI've tried to stand my ground, I've tried to understand
G D A Bm / But I can't seem to find my faith again
Bm F#m F# G Like water on the sand, or grasping at the wind
G D A / I keep on falling short, so
Chorus 1
G / D / F# / Bm Please be my strength, please be my strength
Bm/A G / Gm / D / / / 'Cause I don't have anymore, I don't have anymore Interlude Bm F#m F# G G D A Bm / Verse 2
Bm F#m F# GI'm looking for a place where I can plant my faith
G D A BmOne thing I know for sure-
Bm F#m F# GI can not create it, I can not sustain it
G D A /It's Your love that's keeping me
(Chorus 1) (Interlude) Verse 3
Bm F#m F# GAnd at my final breath I hope that I can say
G D A /I fought the good fight of faith
Bm F#m F# GI pray Your glory shine in this doubting heart of mine
G D A /And all would know that You
Chorus 2
G / D / F# / BmYou are my strength, You are my strength
Bm/A G / Gm / D / / /You and You alone, You keep bringing me back home
G / D / F# / BmYou are my strength, You are my strength
Bm/A G / A / Bm7 / Bm/AYou and You alone, You keep bringing me back home
/ G / A / Bm It's You and You alone bringing me back home.
Ending (Bm) F#m F# G / Bm A D
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