Guns N Roses – Paradise City tab

Take me home to the Paradise City
where the grass is green and the girls look pretty
E               B              F#
  oh, won`t you please take me home!

(all is played open -> full acords)

F#                      E        B
Just an urchin livin' under the street
A    F#                  E  B   A
I'm a hard case that's tough to beat
I'm your charity case
   E             B     A
So buy me somethin' to eat
F#               E      B
I'll pay you at another time
B            A        F# - E
Take it to the end of the line

Rags to riches
E          B
Or so they say
You gotta
F#                    E   B      A
Keep pushin' for the fortune and fame
You know it's, it's all a gamble
E        B     A
When it's just a game
F#           E           B
You treat it like a capitol crime
B    A          B    E
Everybody' doin' their time

(this is how I play this song. You can also play the accords in -5ers. it`s better for 
electric guitar ;))
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