Guns N Roses - Since I Dont Have You tab


Subject:         guns n' roses tabs
   Date:         Sun, 26 Oct 1997 17:59:35 -0500
   From:         "David W. Iggulden" 

Since I Don?t Have You
Guns N' Roses
The Spaghetti Incident?

Tabbed by by:    Leonardo Costa (chords)
                 and Cedric (Intro)

h: Hammer on p: Pull-off b: bend s: slide to ~: Vibrato Just play it. (Nike?...) For commentaries and (That'd be cool) improvements, my E-mail address is (ta ta ta taaaaaa): Here are the chords: Intro: G C D G C Cm G Cm Am D (G Em Am Cm G Em G C Am D) G Cm D I don?t have plans and schemes G Cm D And I don?t have hopes and dreams G Cm Am I don?t have anything since D I don?t have you G Cm D And I don't have fond desires and G Cm D I don?t have happy hours G Cm Am I don't have anything since D I don't, I don't have you D I don't have happiness and Am G I guess I never will again Am G When you were not on me, in walked on misery Am D And it's been here since then yeah (G Cm Am D) Yeah you're fall G Cm I don't have letters, yeah D And I don't have one who cares G Cm Am I don't have anything since D I don't have you (G Em Am D) You, you, oh oh oh
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