Gustavo Cerati - Me Quedo Aqui tab

Artist: Gustavo Cerati
Song: Me Quedo Aquí
Album : Ahí Vamos (2006)

Tabbed by: omar_frusciante

I edited this tab from the modifications made by (
to the transcription created by (
So most of the credit goes to those guys...
I thought necessary to post this, since the other tab there was, was only the chords.
My contribution was mainly a couple of chords and some arpeggios that I guess sound 
pretty close. I played the entire song with a pick.

This may be my favourite song by this great musician as a soloist. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't use the chords that pop up (if they do); use this ones..

| Chord | EADGBe |+---------+----------+
| D | [xx0232] || Dadd9 | [xx0230] || F#m | [244222] || C | [x32010] || Em | [022000] || A | [x02220] || Bm | [x24432] || G | [320033] || Gm | [355333] || Cadd9 | [x32030] || F | [133211] || Am | [x02210] || Aadd9 | [x02200] |+---------+--------------------------------------------| A*e|------------| B|-----0-2~---| G|----2~------| D|---2~-------| A|--0~--------|D F#m E|------------|
Espera C Em no te enojes esta vez D" F#m (in D" Play: D-D-Dadd9-D) lo vi venir C Em como siempre la reacción A Bm G C Bm (arpeggio with chords) es tan lenta como mi voz A Bm G Em A* (arpeggio) arrasando con la razón A Bm Em C G (arpeggio just until C) el tsunami llegó hasta aquí Gm Cadd9 D F#m lo vi venir
C Em Si aprendemos la lección Bm*e|-2~------|D F#m B|-3~2-3-5-| sabrás que al fin G|-4~------|C Em D|-4~------| el misterio es contradicción A|-2~------| E|---------|
A Bm G C Bm* con todo aquello que conocesA Bm G Em Aº (in Aº Play: A-A-Aadd9-A) a veces hago todo al revésA Bm Em C G Bmºe|-(2)-----------| (the 1st-|
el tsunami llegó hasta aquí B|-(3)---3-3-5-3------------| "chord" in BmºGm Cadd9 G|-(4)-4~-------------------| may be both D lo vi venir D|--4~----------------------| and A string A|--2~----------------------| together orD x2 E|--------------------------| either one separately)Em Bmº (arpeggio) Todo se movióEm Cº (arpeggio) Cºe|----------------| y es mejor quedarse quieto B|----1---1-3-1---|Em Bm (arpeggio) G|------0-------0-| pronto saldrá el sol D|---2------------|Em C (arpeggio) A|-3--------------| y algún daño repondremos E|----------------| G A (arpeggio) terco como soyGm Cadd9 me quedo aquí
D x2 Em Bm (arpeggio) La tinta no seco Em C (arpeggio) y en palabras dije muchas cosas Em Bm (arpeggio) pero en mi corazón Em F Am (arpeggio only on Em) todavía queda tanto por decir F Am tanto por decir F C tanto por decir
e|--3-----------------------3~---|B|-----4--------------------3~---|G|--------5-----------------4~---|D|-----------5--------------5~---|A|--------------6--5--3-----5~---|E|-----------------------6--3~---| no me voy...
Gm Cadd9 me quedó aquí D x4 D F#m C Em x4 (Chords during "solo") Cerati's solo: (this is played sliding up and down on the fretboard)
e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-14-14-12-12-12/-| x2D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
D F#m Y si no, C Em no aprendimos la lección D F#m Y si no, C Em no aprendimos la lección A Bm G C Bm (let last Bm ring) Please send any corrections or improvements to:
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