Guster – Window tab

			     WINDOW - Guster
Tabbed by: Totalst Ranger
Email: idontwant@youto.emailme

Guitar 1: Standard tuning capo II
Guitar 2: Standard tuning no capo


Guitar 1: A measure of each chord (relative to capo) G D Em7 Ce|---10----10----10----8B|---8-----8-----8-----0G|---0-----0-----0-----0D|---9-----0-----9-----xA|---10----9-----7-----7E|---x-----10----0-----8
Play the whole thing twice (8 measures) Guitar 2: Come in the second time (measure 5) with a measure of each: A E F#m D The rest of the song is the same 4 chords: Guitar 1: G D Em7 C2 (play the standard chords, not the ones above) Guitar 2: A E F#m D During the chorus, Guitar 1 goes back to the intro chords. For those of you who need a bit more help:
G D Em7 C2 A E F#m De|---3---2---3---3---------0---0---2---2-------------------------------|B|---3---3---3---3---------2---0---2---3-------------------------------|G|---0---2---0---0---------2---1---2---2-------------------------------|D|---0---0---2---2---------2---2---4---0-------------------------------|A|---2---x---2---3---------0---2---4---x-------------------------------|E|---3---x---0---x---------x---0---2---x-------------------------------|
Listen to the song, figure it out. You can do it.
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