Guster - This Could All Be Yours tab version 1

It took me forever to figure out the beginning of this song, but I look at many live 
videos and tried to match the finger placements. It is definately only one part of the 
intro, but I'm looking to see if anyone else could take this further!

To get the strumming down, listen to the song.


(Multiple Times) (2X then back to first, etc)e|-----0---------------------------------0-----------------------------------|B|-----0---------------------------------9-----------------------------------|G|-----8---------------------------------8-----------------------------------|D|-----9---------------------------------9-----------------------------------|A|-----9---------------------------------9-----------------------------------|E|-----0---------------------------------0-----------------------------------|
I'm not very good at tabbing, this is my first one. But the two chords are there. Just listen to the song and you'll figure it out. ONCE AGAIN IF YOU GET FURTHER, please tab this whole song, I wanna learn it. Kthanks.
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