Guster - All The Way Up To Heaven tab

         ***All The Way Up To Heaven***
                   By Guster

Tuning: Standard
Capo: None

Chords Used:

F F6 F7 Bbe}---8----8-----8----6----|b}---10---10----10---6----|G}---10---9-----8----7----|D}---10---10----10---8----|A}---8----8-----8----8----|E}-------------------6----|
**A little way into the song the chords move up two frets to G** Riff Used:
Chorus: (All bar chords) C# C And go all the way up to heavan C# Eb And do all the way back home Bridge: (All bar chords) G# C# Stay the way I am today is certainment disaster G# C# He can tell a fairy tale it's happily ever after Bb minor G# Just relax and greener grass will grow here for a change C# Eb Maybe then we'll last a million years or more or more or more Chorus, then Verses are mooved up two frets to G Major. Enjoy!
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