Guster - Manifest Destiny Sorority Tears tab

this is a new song from the gustr's pasty tapes.
it is played on the piano but i translatedit into the guitar.  i am almost positive it is right.

			     Manifest destiny/sorority tears-Guster
Tabbed by:Ben Schneid


here it is!!!!!!!

 C       Dm                          G

Dawn is broken and the willies sunk

How did things get so messed up

do you want to change your mind

you can always change your mind


        F               Am      G               D

you and i can quickely see why you are not with me

F             Am       G
Like an adam, and an Eve

F                                  Am     G                        D

Why are all dreams just known as dreams, but the leaders have the lead

F                   Am          G

ITs a frieghtnin, frieghtnin, thing


From that point on the chords repeat, there are no other chords
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