Guster – Barrel Of A Gun tab

Song: Barrel of a Gun
Artist: Guster
Tabbed by: Ari Mihaltses

Tuning: Standard Tune, Capo on first fret

This was tabbed by listening to the CD and also watching Ryan's hands from when they
played this song on Conan, I think its pretty right.  Mostly, this is what Ryan plays,
I added little parts (that Adam plays on his guitar) that make it sound more complete.
Listen to song for strumming patterns.

**Note, tabbing is NOT relative to capo, it is the actual frets, so if you see a "1" it
means to leave the string open because the capo has it covered ;)  I debated about which
format to use to write it down and this is the least confusing in my mind.  

**Also, the lyrics I have provided above each section are for being specific about which
part I am referring to and in no way match up with the chord progression underneath.
Listen to the song for the changes.

INTRO: A#me|---6--6--6--6---|B|---6--6--6--6---|G|---6--6--6--6---|D|---8--8--8--6---|A|---8--8--8--6---|E|---6--6--6--6---| (4x)
VERSE:"I know a movie star..." A# C# A# D#sus2e|-6---9----6----1------------|B|-6---9----6----4------------|G|-7---10---7----3------------|D|-8---11---8----0------------|A|-8---11---8----0-----4--3---|E|-6---9----6-----------------|
"She's perfect as she seems..." -> same as above, only strum the A# and C# like the intro.
CHORUS:"Four, three, two, one..." F# C# G#m Bsus2e|--2-----1-----4-----2-----|B|--2-----2-----4-----2-----|G|--3-----1-----4-----4-----|D|--4-----3-----6-----4-----|A|--4-----4-----6-----2-----|E|--2-----------4-----------|
Play INTRO again and then this little fill Ryan plays before second verse:e|--13-----------------------------|B|------11-------------------------|G|----------10--------------15-----|D|---------------8----------15-----|A|-------------------8------13-----|E|-----------------------6/--------|
SECOND VERSE:"Lie back and fast asleep..."e|-------|B|-------|G|--15---|D|--15---|A|--13---|E|-------|
"If you could see what I could see..."e|--9-----------------6---------|B|--9-----------------6---------|G|--10----------------7------15-|D|--11----------------8------15-|A|--11----------------8------13-|E|--9-------9-9--8-8--6---------|
Play the second half of the second verse just as the second half of the first. Next comes the PRE-CHORUS, then CHORUS, and after that the...
BRIDGE:"She will be sweet..." A# G# D# Fe|--1-----4----3----1---|B|--3-----4----4----1---|G|--3-----1----3----2---|D|--3-----1----1----3---|A|--1-----3---------3---|E|--------4---------1---|
Play the CHORUS one more time and at the end let an F# chord (tabbed above) ring out...
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