Guttermouth - Looking Good Is All That Matters tab

Artist: Guttermouth
Song: Looking Good is All That Matters
Album: Covered with Ants
Tabbed by: Luke Rounda 

One of Guttermouth's apparently very unappreciated songs. I haven't seen
a tab for it anywhere, and it's not one that many people talk about, so,
here we are. This is my first tab; please don't injure me.

Crank it up! Screaming punk distortion throughout.

   -  play the harmonic on fret 'x'
  h    -  hammer-on
  p    -  pull-off
  x    -  mute string
  ~    -  let ring
  PM   -  palm mute

Standard Tuning E A D G B E

intro/main riffe|-----------|---------------------------------------|B|-----------|---------------------------------------|G|-----------|-----6-h7p6---6-h7p6-------------------| Play 6x for intro,D|-----------|---7--------7----------6-7----4-5p4----| 4x for interludeA|-----------|---------------------7------5----------|E|-<7>~~~~~~-|---------------------------------------|
Basically, hit the 7th fret harmonic and let it ring for a few bars, then punch in with the song's powerhouse main riff, which is mostly shown here. This should give you a pretty good idea of how it goes. It took me a few tries to get the picking rhythm right, but once you get it going, WHOO!
Repeat as necessary, then back to the main riff.
bridge/soloe|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------10--10--9--8--8--9--10--10-----------------------|G|------------------------9---9---8--7--7--8--9---9------------------------|D|--77\6666\55/6666/77-----------------------------------------------------|A|--77\6666\55/6666/77-----------------------------------------------------|E|--55\4444\33/4444/55-----------------------------------------------------| PM...................
The rhythm is somewhat shown, but you'll have to figure out the exact strum yourself. Suffice it to say IT'S FAST. The song ends with the first part of the main riff (on the D and G strings) being played over and over. This is all my own original work. Comments/questions/corrections can be sent to I'd appreciate any feedback.
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