Guttermouth - Dehumanize tab

Guttermouth - Dehumanize
Tabbed by Mathieu Nado

You can easiely figure out the song, it is so simple. Here are the note.
x=palm mute

Intro x4------------|------------|-------9----|-11----9----|-11----7----|--9---------|
Verse x4------------|-------9----|-11----9----|-11----7----|--9---------|
Chorus x4I dont want a baby..-------------|-------------|-----9-------|-11--9--9----|-11--7--9----|--9-----7----|
Verse Chorus 3x
----------|----------|----------|-11--9----|-11--9----|--9--7----| xx
----------|----------|----------|-11--9----|-11--9----|--9--7----| xx
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