Guy Clark - A Nickel For The Fiddler chords

A Nickel For The Fiddler
By Guy Clark

F G C F Well it's a nickel for the fiddler, It's a nickel for his tune
C F GIt's a nickel for the tambourine kind of afternoon
F G C FssAnd it's a high holiday on the 21st of June||
C F G C -iAnd it's country music in the park and everybody's ruined
Instrumental break Well it's fountains full of dogs and kids and it's freaky apple pie And it's the ones who came to play and the ones just passin' by And it's coats of many colors and it almost makes me cry Lord it's ice cream on a stick And it's somethin' you can buy. Instrumental break Well it's a fiddler from Kentucky who swears he's 83 And he's fiddled every contest from here to cripple creek And it's old ones and it's yound ones and it's plain they half agreed But it's country music in the park as far as they can see Instrumental break Repeat 1st verse
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