Guy Sebastian – Whos That Girl chords ver. 2

(This is my second tab at Ultimate Guitar! :D (yey). So got this song out from no where. 
I just tried strumming different chords and then I heard the C was pretty close then it 
started from there. So guys.. ENJOY! Hope you rate nicely. :D)
CI was on the mic
AmDoin' my thing on a friday night
DmHad the floor burning up just right
F GEverybody was bumpin', the club was jumping
CSuddenly, you walked in
AmThat's when everybody stopped dancing
DmAnd I couldn't stop myself staring
F GYeah I couldn't breathe, No I couldn't believe my eyes
PRE - Chorus:
CI never thought I'd fall in love in a club
AmBut now I seen you girl I can't get enough
DmWith you I know there's no taking it slow
F GSo can somebody please let me know
CTell me who's that girl
Just walk walk walk in the club
AmTell me who's that girl
Just walk walk walk in the club
DmTell me who's that girl
Just walk walk walk in the club
FJust walk walk walk in the club
GJust walk walk walk, walk walk walk
CYeah, yeah, yeah
CBefore the night is through
AmImma tell ya how I feel about you
DmAnd I know I got some work to do
F GTo make you believe that you should be leaving with me
Repeat Pre-Chorus(1x) and CHORUS(2x) BRIDGE: (E.V.E)
CI walk in the club it's over
All them other chicks might as well move over
AmWanna know my name then you gotta get closer
Eyes on you too wanna get to know ya
DmLemme run it down for ya, I'm not easy
Some say caramel, you can call my evie
FWanna be the man in my life that please me
GGotta warn in, Once ya know me, you need me
CGive you whip lash when I glide through the room
Five inch heels, watch how I move
AmWatch how I shake it to the beat, how I do
Know you wanna feel me, feel me shake it on you, yeah
DmThe night could get crazy
But I gotta hold back, I'm a lady
FWell who knows maybe I could be your baby
GBe your baby, be your baby
(Don't know what you call it... But it's the part that Guy will sing again. :D)
AmWo-oh oh
F GWo-oh
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