Gwar – Private Pain Of Techno Destructo tab

This is the original version of the interlude of "The Private
Pain of Techno Destructo" which was a cover of the battle
music from the Star Trek episode "Amok Time". The section
was cut due to Paramount not wanting anything to do with

Here's an mp3 of it. And yes, it's from me.

Start after "You'll Just Make Me..."Part 1|-----------||-----------||-----------||-----------||--5---5-8--||----7------| x3PM . . . .
Part 2|-------||-------||-------||-------||--5-8--||-------|PM . .
Repeat - Part 1 x1 Part 2 x1
Part 3|----------------------||----------------------||--7-9-10~~--9-10-9-7--||--7-9-10~~--9-10-9-7--||--5-7--8~~--7--8-7-5--||----------------------| x1.5 ^ Play to here the second time.
Part 4|---------------------------8-7--||--10~-9-10-9~------10-9-10------||--------------10----------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
Repeat - Part 3 Part 4
Return of Techno Destructo|-----------8-7---||--10~-9-10-------||-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-----------------|
Note: The Return is to be followed immediately by the Interlude of my "Private Pain of Techno Destructo" tab. I'll try merging it into one tab so it won't be so confusing. Hope it helps... -DH =========================================
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