Gyllene Tider - Teaser Japanese tab

Am	Am	G	G
Am	Am	G	G

Am                      G 
Oriental! Hey ho! She's gonna be there,
climbing the stair, flag waving up in the air
      G                           B
she's gonna be there, jungle somewhere
        C          G               Am
And boy! Take your eyes away from her!
        C    G                   Am     F
And boy! Lay them on another girl 

        Dm     Am
She's a Teaser Japanese, 
        Dm     Am
she's a teaser Japanese,
        Dm     Am             G
She's a teaser Japanese and boy...

You're gonna get burned!

Queen of Arts! Hey Ho!
Eyes of black meet eyes of blue
Beast and beauty wave goodbye
G                       B             C
Sayonara moon up in the sky, and boy...
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