Gypsy And The Cat - The Pipers Song chords version 1

Gypsy & The Cat - The Piper's Song

capo on 7th fret 

D D A G6 In the night i see a face thats in the dark
through his eyes i see a light a shinny gold. and this man he walks alone, singing songs of victory when he sleeps theres a struggle and the light begins to fade heaven tells the past; all he had, love and fear he was stronger then all he had was loving hands then one day the thunder struck, evil tears run down his face and a change good to bad good to bad Chorus
A D A D where to run, are you there, are you there
A D A G6in the winter sun, hes dancing in the wind
A D A D where to run, are you there, are you there
A D A G6in the wilderness, look and you will find him
D D A G6 a mother weeps a child sleeps their broken hearts-
are bleedin win just passing time their horror shows there at his grave at violet creek the place where he began to seek the evil tide that would dissolve him of all good that stood within Thunder thunder in the town Thunder waiting for a sound
G D A G6tonight tonight we sing the pipers song
Key: G D A G6e|-3----2----0----0--|B|-3----3----2----3--|G|-0----2----2----0--|D|-0----0----2----0--|A|-2----0----0----2--|E|-3----0----0----3--|
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