George Strait – Arkansas Dave chords

 C G C C G C

[Verse 1]
C G CHe rode up on a winter day
C G CSteam rising off a streak-faced bay
F C FSaid, you probably know my name
C G CIf you don't it's Arkansas Dave
[Verse 2]
C G CHe talked of fifteen years ago
C G CAnd how he got the bay he rode
F C FSaid, he killed a man in Oh - i - o
C G CFirst man he killed, first horse he stole
[Chorus 1]
F C FIt was a long road for Arkansas Dave
C G CHe shot and left him where he lay
F C FSaid, he'd never forget that winter day
C G CHe rode off on a streak-faced bay
[Verse 4]
C G CI stood up and I shook his hand
C G CTold no one that I knew this man
F C FStarted thinking of a plan
C G C'Bout how I'd deal him his last hand
[Verse 5]
C G CDidn't take him long to come unwound
C G CHe jumped up and gunned two men down
F C FRan outside to leave the town
C G CBut ol' bay was nowhere to be found
--Modulate up to D-- [Verse 6]
D A DI hid out with my forty-four
D A DAnd when he walked back through the door
G D GI shot till I could shoot no more
D A DAnd Dave Rudabaugh fell to the floor
[Chorus 2]
G D GIt was the end of the road for Arkansas Dave
D A DI shot and left him where he lay
G D GI'll never forget that winter day
D A DI rode off on the streak faced bay
G D GNo I'll never forget that winter day
D A DI rode home on daddy's streak faced bay
[Outro] D A D D A D
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