George Strait – The Weight Of The Badge chords


DIt's gonna be a long one
DAnother graveyard shift
GAs he says goodbye
ATo his wife and kids
BmHe spent his life
GJust like his dad's
D ADriving away
DUnder the weight of the badge
DHe's seen it all
DIn his 15 years
GWatching our backs
AFacing our fears
BmLord knows it ain't
GNo easy task
D AKeeping us safe
DUnder the weight of the badge
AmHe swore that oath
GTo protect and serve
DPours his heart and soul
AInto both those words
AmLays his life
GOn the line
DThe line he walks
AIs razor fine
BmTempered strength
GIs always tough
D ABut he ain't gonna buckle
DUnder the weight of the badge
GNot that long ago
GHe woke up in the hospital
DWith his wife and kids
A DPraying by his bed
GHe said I'm gonna be alright
GThere's just sometimes you gotta fight
DAnd the truth is
ANothing truer could be said
BmI do it for us
GAnd I do it for them
D AAnd I ain't gonna buckle
Dunder the weight of the badge
[Solo] Am G D A Am G D D [Outro]
C GIt doesn't weigh a lot
DUntil you put it on
DAnd the weight of it is staggering
C GThen duty calls each time
DHe knows he's gotta answer
DAnd it's all in the hand
CAnd then the woo-ohhh
G DThe heavy weight of the badge
D(no words)
CAnd he ain't gonna buckle
G DUnder the weight of the badge
D(no words)
AmNo he ain't gonna buckle
GUnder the weight...
DOf the badge
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