Glen Hansard – Fools Game chords

[Verse 1]
CIt's a fool's, fool's game
FLover, that we have to play
AmCrashing into each other
GNo convalescing
CIt' a leap of faith
FLover, that we blindly take
AmI'm taking it with you and no other
GNo hesitating
[Chorus 1]
FAnd if our minds they go
AmAnd our bones they shatter
GWe'll put it on nobody
F AmBut ourselves
[Verse 2]
CIt's an old refrain
FLover, that we hear again
AmUrging a cautious measure
GSounding a warning
CIt's a thin escape
FLover, that we hope to make
AmWhen we're beaten, broken and battered
GBeyond consoling
[Chorus 2]
FAnd the breezes blow
AmAnd to the winds we're scattered
GAnd we're fending for nobody
F AmBut ourselves
[Instrumental 1] |C |F |Am |G | |C |F |Am |G | [Verse 3]
CIt's a fool's, fool's game
FWhen you've nothing but a heart to break
AmBetter keep on breaking it, lover
GUntil it opens
CIt's a speeding train
FBeating through the pouring rain
AmWith no way to slow or stop it
GAnd the tracks are broken
[Chorus 3]
FLike a rising wave
AmThrough the storms we gather
GAnd we're falling on nobody
F AmBut ourselves
[Instrumental 2] |C |F |Am |G | |C |F |Am |G | |F |Am |G |F Am| [Outro: Aida Shahghasemi] |C |F |Am |G | |C |F |Am |G | |C |F |Am |G | |C |F |Am |G | |F |Am |G |F Am|
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