Gordon Bok – October Song chords


F Am GI'll sing you this October song
D7 GThere is no song before it
F Am GThe words and tune are none of my own
D7 GFor my joys and sorrows bore it
F Am GBeside the sea, the brambly briars
D7 GIn the still of evening
F Am GBirds fly out behind the sun
D7 GAnd with them I'll be leaving
F Am GThe fallen leaves that jewel the ground
D7 GThey know the art of dying
F Am GAnd leave with joy their glad gold hearts
D7 GIn the scarlet shadows lying
F Am GWhen hunger calls my footsteps home
D7 GThe morning follows after
F Am GI swim the seas within my mind
D7 GAnd the pine trees laugh green laughter
F Am GI used to search for happiness
D7 GAnd I used to follow pleasure
F Am GBut I found a door behind my mind
D7 GAnd that's the greatest treasure
F Am GFor rulers like to lay down laws
D7 GAnd rebels like to break them
F Am GAnd the poor priests like to walk in chains
D7 G D GAnd god likes to forsake them
F Am GI met a man whose name was Time
D7 GAnd he said I must be going
F Am GBut just how long ago that was
D7 GI have no way of knowing
F Am GSometimes I want to murder Time
D7 GSometimes when my heart's aching
F Am GBut mostly I just stroll along
D7 GThe path that he is taking
[Outro] G F Am G D G
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