Patrick Spencer chords with lyrics by Gordon Bok - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gordon Bok – Patrick Spencer chords


G/B Am F COh, don't the moon look pretty, she sails like a ship in the sky
Dm G F G7 CDarling, you don't know nothing about sailing, she's got a cast in her eye
G/B Am F CWhen the moon weeps silvery tears, you can look for a terrible storm
Dm G F G CI pity the sailor that's out tomorrow, I'm glad I can bide here at home
G/B Am F CIf you be Patrick Spencer, and that man you'd better be
Dm G F G7I have a letter here from the King, he commands you to go to sea
C G/B Am F CIt's little he thinks of your danger, as he sits with his wine and his song
Dm G F G CHis little daughter in far Norway, she's sick and she wants to come home
[Instrumental] C G/B F G [Verse]
C G/B Am F CWell, he could have sent me greetings, he could have cast me blame
Dm G F G7He could have asked me a hundred favours, god knows, I'd never complain
G G/B Am F CBut this running up in the rigging with a hurricane on the wing
Dm G F G CIt's come to a matter of life and death to have to pleasure the King
[Instrumental] C G/B F G F G7 C [Verse]
G/B Am F CStanding out to sea that day, oh lord, it commenced to rain
Dm G F G7 CThe waves like the tops of mountains and the wind like a thing in pain
G/B Am F CPatrick Spencer calls for his glass and he puts it in Johnny's hand
Dm G F G CSaying, "Run up, Johnny, as high as you can, and see if you see any land"
G/B Am F C"No land, Patrick Spencer, nor ever a sight of shore"
Dm G F G7 C"Well than, give it over, lads", he cried, "you'll never see home anymore
G/B Am F CNever mind your buckled shoes, you'll wet more than your feet
Dm G F G CAnd as for this letter from the King, it's a damn small winding-sheet"
[Instrumental] C G/B F G F G7 [Verse]
C G/B Am F CChristinie be a long, long time a-waiting for me to come home
Dm G F G7And the cold, cold sea be a long, long time a-washing over my bones
C G/B Am F CAnd that man that told the King about me, well, I wish I had him here
Dm G F G CThe very last favour I'd ever have granted, is to carry him under with me
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