Pearly Little Red chords with lyrics by Gordon Bok - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gordon Bok – Pearly Little Red chords

G    C  G    D
D       G
C       G
G    D    G

C G CDown in the dark and the doom of the city
G DThere's a monstrous old gathering hall
C G EmAnd a man there making a windy long speech
C DTo the lords and ladies all
G C GFifteen thousand, twenty thousand people
C DMilling and murmuring there
Em D C G"And this ain't the place," says I to myself
C D G D"For a fellow that needs the fresh air"
G Em GSo I asked for directions to get me outside
C DAnd I followed them all for sure
Em D C GAnd I ended up down, ten floors underground
C D G DAnd I never saw an exit door
G Em GThe first live soul I saw was a policeman
C DHe was long, he was leaning on a rail
Em D C GI says "I'll get to him before he sees me
C DAnd ferries me off to the jail"
G Em GSo I ease myself up on his starboard quarter
C DI says "Excuse me, your honour, for sure
Em D C GBut if you've got a minute and nothing to do
C D G DCould you head me out toward the air?"
G Em GWell, he pointed his finger back over me shoulder
C DAnd I peered away through the gloom
Em D C GAnd there, sure enough, was an exit sign
C D D7Bright as the crack of doom
G C GWell, I thanked him as nicely as ever I knew
Em DAnd I eased my way toward the door
Em D C GBut he fell into step with me, right alongside
C D G DI could hear his heels on the floor
G Em GWell, he smiled like the sharks out off Little Green Island
C DHe had teeth all over his face
Em D C GHe says, "You know there's folks'd give an arm and a leg
C DJust to get inside this place"
G C G"Oh boy!" thinks I, "I've got my foot in it now
C DI never should have come to this town"
Em D C GAnd I don't know what I'm doin' here now
C D G DBut I'm sure I'm doin' it wrong
G Em GHe says, "There's people travel all over the country
C DJust to come and see this thing
Em D C GBut if I know your type, you'd rather sit around home
C D GAnd listen to Little Red sing"
C G"Little Red," I said, "I'll be damned," I said
C D"I got a friend by that name back home"
Em D C GAnd he smiles and says, "Look, in this crazy world
C DYou got to call them like they come"
G Em G"And I can tell a Maine man any-damn-where
C DI can tell him by his tongue
Em D C GAnd you ain't that far from the exit door
C D G D GBut you're a damn long way from home"
Em GWell, he laughs till the echoes laugh again
C DHe says "Okay, hold out your paws"
Em D C GSo I closed my eyes, and I held out my hands
C DLike my fingers were breaking the laws
G CAnd there was blueberries, blackberries
G DTumbled into my hand
C G EmRosehips bright with the smell of the night
C DFrom off of the summer land
G CHe says, "Little sister stayed home on the island
G D CShe visits us now and again
G EmBrings us all she can pick from the hills
C DAnd it sure does taste like home"
[Instrumental] G C G D D G D G [Verse]
GWell, we stood in the darkness chomping them berries
C DEating them our of our hand
Em D C GAnd my heart went away to the rocks and the bays
C DAnd my friends in that lonesome land
G C GHe says "Tell me, speaking of our mutual friend
C DHow that tough little fast picking fool
Em D C GCan find his way through the brambles and rocks
C DOf a homesick Maine man's soul"
G Em G"Ah, but I guess he knows when the days get too long
C DAnd the morning comes too soon
Em D C GThere's nothing will knock off the edge of your troubles
C D GLike picking an old-time tune"
[Instrumental] C G D G [Verse]
Em GWell, he stowed the empty bag away in his pocket
C DTurned on his heel to go
Em D C GAnd he says, "Well, good luck, and if you see Little Red
C D GTell him Pearly says 'Hello'"
[Outro] C G D G
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