Sailors Consolation chords with lyrics by Gordon Bok - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gordon Bok – Sailors Consolation chords

C    F  C   G C

FOne night came on a hurricane
C F GThe seas were mountains rolling
C FWhen Barney Buntline turned his quid
C G CAnd said to Billy Bowline
F"A strong nor'wester's blowing, Bill
C GHark! Don't you hear it roar now?
C FLord, help 'em! How I pities all
C G C F G CUnhappy folks ashore now
F"Foolhardy chaps who lives in towns
C F GWhat dangers they are all in
C FAnd now sit quaking in their beds
C G CFor fear the roof shall fall in.
FPoor creatures, how they envy us
C GAnd wishes, I've a notion
C FFor our good luck in such a storm
C G CTo be out on the ocean"
[Instrumental] C F C G C F C G C [Verse]
F"And as for them who're out all day
C F GOn business from their houses
C FAnd late at night are coming home
C G CTo cheer their babes and spouses.
FWhile you and I, Bill, on the deck
C GAre comfortably lying
C FMy eyes! What tiles and chimneypots
C G C G CAround their heads are flying!
F"And very often have we heard
C F GHow men are killed and undone
C FBy overturns of carriages
C G CBy thieves and fires in London.
FWe know what risks all landsmen run
C GFrom noblemen to tailors
C FThen Bill, let us thank Providence
C G CThat you and I are sailors"
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