Groovie Ghoulies – Graceland chords

A   E

[Verse 1]
AWell, we took off like a sabre jet for Graceland one night
Gonna raise The King; it'd be a hell of a fight
DTo re-incarnate and re-animate his mortal remains
AWhat good is a king if he ain't go no brains?
EAs long as he can sing that song "Suspicious Minds"
AOr the "Milkcow Blues Boogie" that would be just fine
[Verse 2]
AWell, we took off like a sabre jet for Tennessee
Pulled up to Graceland; pulled out my skeleton key
DGonna find out where he's burried; gonna dig him up,
AAnd throw his remains on the back of the truck
EPerform some kind of voodoo-type ritual thing,
AAnd sit back and laugh while we watch him sing something like
[Solo] A D A E A [Verse 3]
AWell, his bones came to life and they moved pretty well
But the rest of him was scattered 'tween heaven and hell
DThen he fell to the ground in a pile of white dust,
AKind of pointing the direction of Las Vegas
EThere was a smell in the air like leather and sweat,
AAnd we took off for Nevada like a sabre jet
[Outro] A D A E A D A E A
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