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C B/C A F G--*-- --*-- --*-- --*-- --*----*-- --*-- --*-- --*-- --*----5-- --5-- --*-- --*-- --*----5-- --5-- --7-- --3-- --5----3-- --2-- --7-- --3-- --5----0-- --0-- --5-- --1-- --3--
for B/C im not sure if its correct but its the right chords for this song
So long to you my love Don't be afraid to run away I know you'll be okay Just take your time to find
But/Cause/And i need you here tonight I need you here inside I need you here tonight I really, really need you here tonight
thats all i know, i think for the ablib its the same C-B/C-A-FC-B/C-F-G
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