Hale - You Said Goodnight tab

TITLE: The Day You Said Goodnight
TABBED: seatwork_guitarist (pm nyo rin me s ym)
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E Ae----7-----------0--------|B----7-----------0--------|G----9----8-9----6--------|D----9-----------7--------|A----7-----------7--------|E----------------5--------|(MATAGAL ANG STRUM S E)
C#m B e----0-----------0--------|B----0-----------0--------|G----0-----------0--------|D----11----------9--------|A----11----------9--------|E----9-----------7--------|
Verse:(DO THE CHORDS ABOVE) E Take me as you are A Push me off the road C#m The sadness B A I need this time to be with you E I'm freezing in the sun A I'm burning in the rain C#m The silence B A I'm screaming, calling out your name
Refrain: C#m B e----0-----------0--------|B----0-----------0--------|G----0-----------0--------|D----11----------9--------|A----11----------9--------|E----9-----------7--------|
A Be----0-----------0--------|B----0-----------0--------|G----0-----------0--------|D----7-----------9--------|A----7-----------9--------|E----5-----------7--------|
The lead to this
C#m B A Be-------------------0----------------0---------0------|B-----------------------0----------0---------------0--|G---9-8-----------9---8----------6-----------9---8----|D-------9---------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------5---------------------|
C#m B And I do reside in your light here A B Put out the fire with me and find Yeah, you'll lose the side of your circles That's what I'll do if we say goodbye Chorus: (LIGHT DISTORTION) E B To be is all I gotta be F#m And all that I see A And all that I need is time E B To me the life you gave me C#m-A The day you said goodnight REPEAT INTRO Verse: The calmness in your face That I see through the night The warmth of your, your light is pressing unto us You didn't ask me why I never would have known Oblivion is falling down Repeat Refrain Repeat Chorus Bridge: C#m B A If you could only know me like your prayers at night C#m B A B pause Then everything between to you and me will be all right Repeat Chorus E B To be is all I gotta be F#m And all that I see A And all that I need is time
(DO THIS WHEN YOU HEAR NEED)e---------------|B--10-9---------|G-------11--9---|D---------------|A---------------|E---------------|
E B To me the life you gave me C#m-A- The day you said goodnight
(DO THIS AFTER WHEN YOU HEAR ME)e---------------|B---------------|G-------(7)-----|D----(7)--------|A---------(7)---|E---------------|harmonics
(use chords here E- B- C#m- A the lead to this) e---11-12-11-12-11----------|B-----------------12--------|G---------------------------|D---------------------------|A---------------------------|E---------------------------|
E B She's already taken, F#m She's already taken A She's already taken me She's already taken, She's already taken, C#m-A- She's already taken me
E Be-----------------------|B----9-10-9------4-5-4--|G----9-----------4------|D----9-----------4------|A-----------------------|E-----------------------|
A The day you said goodnight \m/rock on!!!
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