Hale – Tollgate tab

Title       : Tollgate
Artist      : Hale

Ear tabber : Walter Michael De la Cruz E-mail add 1: Walterfdelacruz@yahoo.comE-mail add 2: Michaelfdelacruz@yahoo.com Website : www.geocities.com/walterfdelacruzSchool : Saint Louis University, Baguio City
Album : HAle( self titled Album) Repackage edition EMI RECORDS Date of tab : February 28,2006 This is the newest single from hale. Hope you like this one. Parang Cold Play yung dating ng song na to. ---------------- StANDARD TUNING | ---------------- Chords used in the song: E : 022100 or 079900 A2 : 002200 C#m : X46650 B : X2440X or X244XX X dead string 0 open string Sa intro, power Chords ung ginamit na may kasamang bass guitar Intro: E-C#m-B-A2 ------- Verse 1| ------- E I’m leavin’ C#m I’m buckling tight E I turn on the radio A2 I’m driving out of sight E And I’m in the freeway C#m The lights are lost in your eyes E Things have been said, I’m lost in my head A2 It’s time to go home ------------- Instrumental | ------------- E-C#m-E-A2 ------- Verse 2| ------- E I’m moving so fast C#m I can’t look back E The streetlights are changing A2 They mean nothin’ at all E Maybe I’m stranded C#m I’m stuck in this space alone E I look at the window A2 Tomorrow will be fine E Let’s call it a day C#m Let’s call it a day B Let’s call it a day A2 Let’s call it a day -------------- Instrumental 2| -------------- E-C#m-B-A2 ------- Verse 3| ------- E It’s over C#m I’m turnin’ off the lights E This day maybe through I’m here without you A2 And I don’t have a clue E But tomorrow you’re gone C#m Tomorrow we’re gone B Tomorrow we’re gone A2 Tomorrow you’re gone pause Tomorrow you’ll come For comments send me a message in Friendster:
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