Half Man Half Biscuit - Paintballs Coming Home tab

			     Paintball's Coming Home - Half Man Half Biscuit
Tabbed by: Joe
Email: FX778@hotmail.co.uk

Tuning: Standard

Intro/Middle/Outro B7e|----5-----5-----4-----4-----3--------2-----------|B|----0-----0-----0-----0-----0--------0-----------|G|----5-----5-----4-----4-----3--------2-----------|D|-4-----4-----3-----3-----2-----2-----1-----------|A|-5-----5-----4-----4-----3-----3-----2-----------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Main E They've Got the whole world In their house B7 They've got the whole wide world In their house E They've got the whole world In their house B7 E To see the new conservatory
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