Half Man Half Biscuit - Give Us Bubblewrap chords

DDD G (no chord)              DDD G (no chord)           DDD
    Assorted nautical jigsaws,    horticultural sideshows
C G Another castle by Edward the First
C GAnother manor house supposedly cursed
Am DDon't they realise we're easily pleased
Am D G DDon't they know that all they really got to do is give us bubblewrap
G D EmGive us bubblewrap, give us bubblewrap
Am DAnd stick the Apple Mac in the car park.
DDD G (no chord) DDD G (no chord) DDD Take a typical warlord; psychological nightmare
C GThe inhumanity, oppression and greed
C GThe stiff missionary, the porcine feed
Am DMegalomaniacal, loaded for bear
Am D G DI think your diplomat should get over there and give him bubblewrap
G D EmGive him bubblewrap, give him bubblewrap
Am DAnd tell him baccarat is illegal.
Em C F D7Millwall Friday afternoon, so much so for Brig O'Doon
G Am C DOh sing song, ping pong, fish fry, whist drive
Am D G DNurse just throw another log upon the fire and give us bubblewrap
G D GGive us bubblewrap, give us bubblewrap
D EmDouble wrap, other crap, have it back, river cruise
C DDD GDinner queues, Bladder News, innertubes.
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