Half Man Half Biscuit – For What Is Chatteris tab

Artist: Half Man Half Biscuit    http://www.hmhb.co.uk/
Track: For What Is Chatteris...
Album: Achtung Bono
Tabber: Woodshed



G D Dauge|--------3---3-3------------------------------------------------|B|--------3---3-3------3-----3--3-3-3----------------------------|G|--------0---0-0------2-----3--3-3-3----------------------------|D|--------0------------0-----0--0-0-0----------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|----3----------------------------------------------------------|
Rpt x3 VERSE 1 G One way system, smooth and commendable D Go by bus, they're highly dependable C The swings in the park for the kids have won awards Am D The clean streets, acknowledged in the Lords G But what's a park if you can't see a linnet Em A timetable if your journey's infinite Am My bag's packed and I'm leaving in a minute D For what is Chatteris without you in it? Riff A x2 VERSE 2 G Car crime's low, the gun crime's lower D The town hall band's CD, it's a grower C You never hear of folk getting knocked on the bonce Am D Although there was a drive by shouting once G But there's a brass band everywhere Em And I don't drive, so I don't care Am And as a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square D What's Chatteris if you're not there?
Em - C - G - D - DaugEm - C - G - D - Daug
Riff A x2 MIDDLE 4 G Like a game-bird reserve short on pheasants Em Weavers' cottages devoid of tenants Am A market town that lacks quintessence D That's Chatteris without your presence VERSE 3 G Three good butchers, two fine chandlers D An indoor pool and a first class cake shop C OFSTED plaudits, envy of the fens Am D Prick barriers at both ends G But what's Chatteris if you're not there? Em What's Chatteris if you're not there? Am What's Chatteris if you're not there? D What's Chatteris if you're not there? G What's Chatteris if you're not there? E What's Chatteris if you're not there? Am D G - D - G - D - G - D - G - D/F# - G I may as well be in Ely or St. Ives
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