Halifax – Finished In A Day tab

Finished in a Day
By Halifax

Tuning: E a d g b e 


Verse 1 Em D C Cornered with my back against the wall Em The lights are dimming by the minute D C Can someone call my other self Let them know ill be just fine (2x) Chorus G C Start back at start so I know where to go Em D We’ve made it this far no turning back now G C Six days and all I can think about Em D Six days and all I can think about is you (2x) Verse 2 Em D Can it be were on top of the world From now on I can see C From a distance I can see the end Em D Can it be were on top of the world The stranger feeling crawling up my arm C Into my heart Chorus Bridge Em Yea its over now E D E C From my head down to my legs E D E C From my head down to my
Verse 1 (repeat until finished) In the bridge slide from one chord to the next
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