Hall And Oates - Forever For You tab

Forever For You 
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Chords & Lyrics by Clarence Choong

-Verse 1-
             D          E      F#m
Does anyone know what love can cost
                   D          E       F#m
It'll take you so high then leave you lost
Is it a mystery
that runs too deep
for such a simple heart
            D         E      F#m
Can anyone stop the hands of time
                   D    E       F#m
and put back the loving in your eyes 
                  E               D
Though it's his name I hear when you are sleeping
I'll pretend it's mine

A                     E
When they ask me how long I'm gonna love you
F#m                 E
If the road to my heart will always stay true
D           A
I'll say forever
D           E         A
I'll say Forever For You
A                      E
When they ask will I stand right there beside you
F#m                        E
and they don't see you and me the way that I do

D           A
I'll say forever

D           E         A
I'll say Forever For You

-Verse 2-
              D      E   F#m
A rose is a rose by any name
                        D        E      F#m
but a thorn will still cut you just the same
I'm losing your love I know
so sad the feeling
E              D
I can tell somebody's stealing
Stealing away your heart

- Repeat chorus-

F#m                      C#m
I don't know if I should tell you
F#m                 C#m
how you live in my heart
F#m                   C#m	
There's no room for another
If you leave me now
My heart would not recover 

Hey people,pls rate this.This is my second.By the way,this is a very nice song
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Saint Clarence
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