Halo Friendlies – Lets Be Friends tab


A C# D EE|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|---------6666666-77777777-99999999----------|D|-7777777-6666666-77777777-99999999----------|A|-7777777-4444444-55555555-77777777----------|E|-5555555------------------------------------| (X2)
A C# why are you so cruel D when you pick up the phone E when i come to your home A... what did i do wrong? A C# do you remember back then D when we were good friends E but now you pretend A just to be nice A C# now i know who you are D you're just a big clown E with a big fake smile A.... and a big fake laugh A G i just wanted to be your friend D E but you wanted a kiss A G D all the fun and laughter we had E i will miss
A C# don't you go around town D just putting me down E telling all yor friends A.. that i'm a fool .....ALL REPEAT COMO KIEN DICE TODO SE REPITE CARLOS ELIGIO DE LA CRUZ PIEDRA DEDICADA MONICA P. MARISCAL PRIMER ROLA KE SAKO COMPLETA CUALKIER DUDA O COMENTARIO eligio_mty@hotmail.com MxPx rulez
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