Halo - Only For You tab

  Halo:Only for you
  Tabbed By OL'Spanky

x3 > x3 Repeated Through Verse & Pre-Chorus ---------------------------------------------------------------| -----2------5--------------------------------------------------| -----2------5--------------------------------------------------| -----1------4--------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------|
x3 x3 x3 x3 -------------5---------3---------------------------------------| ----3--------7----7----5---------------------------------------| ----5--------7----9----5---------------------------------------| ----5-------------9--------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------|
I did this tab because I was very concerned about the lack of tabs for THE GREATEST band in the World 'HALO' and hope that more people will send in Tabs. By the way Chris.W.(HamBoy) is NOT gay O.K. Jon.B. (Poni) Rocks! Please Give HALO some recognition and also i would like to add CHAVS ARE GAY!!!!!!
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