Hammerfall – Were Gonna Make It tab

We’re Gonna Make It
By HammerFall (Twisted Sister Cover)
Tabbed by Burning Sword of Surtur

Might be a few mistakes, and you will notice that the solo is missing. Play it in 
tuning, even though HammerFall probably plays in a drop Eb. Guess I’m just too lazy. If you 
play it in standard tuning, why tune it down? Never the less, Let’s Rock ‘n Roll!

Main Riff|-------------||-------------||-----2---4-2-||-4-4-2-4-4-2-||-4-4---4-----||-------------|Play 8 times.
Play Main Riff Twice
Chorus|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||--------------2---4-2-----2---4-2-||-2--------4-4-2-4-4-2-4-4-2-4-4-2-||-2--------4-4---4-----4-4---4-----||-0--------------------------------|Play Three Times, then:
Play Main Riff 4 times, then verse, main riff twice, and the chorus. Play Main Riff 8 times as background for solo, then play the chorus. Then comes the break with the vocal part “twisted fucking sister…” Main Riff 8 times, before playing the chorus, and the main riff 3 times before ending a:
Strum the strings ‘till the end. A Metal-Heart is hard to tear apart.
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