Hammerfall – No Sacrifice No Victory tab

Tabbed by jesper Pantzar
Email me on jeppe_killen@hotmail.com if there is any question.

IntroRiff 1E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------6-------------------------|G-10-9-9--9999---10-9-9--9999---10-7-7-7777-7-7-9-9999------------------| x4D-7--7-7--7777---7--7-7--7777---7--7-5-5555-5---7-7777------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |A |G |A x 4 Verse 1 A C |G D |A C |G |A C |G D|A C |E REF Riff 1 + A |A |G |A x 4 Verse 2 A C |G D |A C |G |A C |G D|A C |E Bridge F |C |G |D |F |C |G |E x 2 Solo A |A |F |F |A |A |F |F |D |D |G |E |F |C |G |D |F |C |G |E Bridge 2 D |Bb |F |C |D |Bb |F |E Intro Riff 1 + A |A |G |A x2 Bridge: F |C |G |D |F |C |G |E x 2 And the last part Riff 1 + A |A |G |A |A
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