Hands On Approach - My Wonder Moon tab

Intro:e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|A|------2/3\2--------2/3\2-|E|-3-3----------3-3--------|Varias vezes e depois:(Play some times and then:)
Este riff de cima e tocado durante toda a parte em G, mas pode tocar-se so o acorde mas e assim que eles tocam (This riff above is played during all the part in G) G Here comes the night Bm C And for me it's the best part of the day G Even if I'm alone, I still sing a song Bm C No matter what people say Bm C I don't have another way (Refrão) G Screamin' loud Bm A bottle on the ground C D With my friends sitting around G Bm Don't really matter what's going on C D I just care about the song Em G Bm Uh, uh, uh I like the sunset C Em G Bm It brings me back the moon C G It brings me back the moon I look at sun It's already gone The blue sky is turning black I'm waiting for her With my cigar box It seems to be so different It's all gone so quiet (Refrão) (Solo) A When she arrives D I'll sing all the songs that I know C D Until now it has been this way... Repetir o refrão 2 vezes By f_neves88@sapo.pt. Alguma coisa avisem=)
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