Handsome Furs – In The Radios Hot Sun tab

In the Radio's Hot Sun by Handsome Furs
Plague Park, 2007

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
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Play with Capo on 3rd fret. All chords and tabs relative to tuning.

G Bm Em C (x1)

G               Bm                        Em        C
  When you were small and crawled out the river, we thought you were an animal.
G            Bm                   Em                          C
  Then you returned, your parents house they've built, like a thousand years ago.

G Bm Em C (x2)

G              Bm                       Em         C
  When we were small and living under water at the bottom of a great black sea,
G          Bm                      Em               C                   
Silent and floating, there were my brothers. Now it don’t mean much to me.

G Bm Em C (x2)

G            Bm                Em          C
  Oh when we met, our bodies remember, and we were only animals.
G            Bm                    Em              C
  We built a house to keep out the water until its kick-ick-can’t be felt at all.

G Bm Em C (x2)

OUTRO: (play half-tempo) (x2)
C                G    
  In the radios hot sun
C         Em             B     C
  We knew nothing of the other side
               G      C
In the radios hot sun
           Em          B           C    End on: G 2nd time
We felt it slide right behind your eyes
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