3 Shades Of Black tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Hank Williams Iii - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams Iii – 3 Shades Of Black tab ver. 2

Artist: Hank Williams 3
Album: Damn Right, Rebel Proud
Year: 2007:

Intro: Am_________________ Am____________________E:----------------------------1------------0------------0------------0-------------|a:---0----------------------------0h3--0---------0-------------0-------------0-----|d:-----0h2---0h2----0h2-------------------2----2------2------2-----2------2--------|g:--------2------2------2-----------------2----2------2------2-----2------2--------|b:--------1------1------1-----------------1----1------1------1-----1------1--------|e:--------0------0------0-----------------0----0------0------0-----0------0--------|
__________________________ C Am_________________E:----0------------------------------------------------------0---------0-----|a:---------0------------------------3---------2--------0---------0--------0--|d:-2----2----2--0h2--0h2--oh2-----------2-------2---------2----2----2---2----|g:-2----2----2-----2----2----2----------0-------0---------2----2----2---2----|b:-1----1----1-----1----1----1----------1-------1---------1----1----1---1----|e:-0----0----0-----0----0----0----------0-------0---------0----0----0---0----|
Am___________________________________________ F____________________________E:-------0----------0----------0-----------0------1------------1--------------1--|a:0-----------0----------0-----------0---------------3---3--------3----3---------|d:--2------2-----2-----2-----2----2------2----2------3------3-----3---------3----|g:--2------2-----2-----2-----2----2------2----2------2------2-----2---------2----|b:--1------1-----1-----1-----1----1------1----1------1------1-----1---------1----|e:--0------0-----0-----0-----0----0------0----0------1------1-----1---------1----|
_________________________________ Am__E:---------------1-------------------------------|a:---3-----3----------3---3----------------------|d:---3---------3------3------3-------2-----------|g:---2---------2------2------2-------2-----------|b:---1---------1------1------1-------1-----------|e:---1---------1------1------1-------0-----------|
The intro may be a little rusty,but its pretty damn good for a 17year olds first actual Tab but i figure its going in the right direction and the more you play it you will get the hang of it and you can twip it up a little bit and make it sound better... and this song is a song that the faster you play it the better it sounds... ...Lyrics and chords, i know are right on
Am: G: C: F:E---0------ E--3---------- E------------ E--1---|a---0------ a--2--0h3-0--- a-3--2------- A--3---|d---2------ d--0--0------- d-2--2---2--- d--3---|g---2------ g--0--0------- g-0--0---2--- g--2---|b---1------ b--0--0------- b-1--1---1--- b--1---|e---0------ e--1--1------- e-0--0---0--- e--1---|
You don't have to learn these chords exactly like this, but if you use these riffs in the song, it will make it sound so much better Am G Am 3 shades of black is where I come from. Am G Am Depression, Misery, and Hellacious fun. Am C Am No we're not the kind to turn our backs and run F Am cause 3 shades of black is where we come from. Am G Am We are a certain breed and we don't like you. Am G Am Some are junkies some are freaks and others are everyday ghouls. Am C Am No one will ever know what we've been through F Am and we are proud in the light of the moon. (Chorus) Am G Am 3 shades of black Am G Am 3 shades of black F Am We all like metal and Whiskey! F Am Livin' Hard and chasin' down Hell. (Non riff chord) F G Am We'll never give up on what we have because the darkness gives us our thrills. (These G's are a non riff chords) F G Am F G Am Yeaaaaaaaahhhh! (Let ring)... Yeeeeeaaaaahyeaaaaaaaah! Am G Am 3 shades of black is where I come from. Am G Am I was born in the sacrifice when I was young. Am C Am 3 shades of black is what makes us strong, F G Am and we all wear it like a uniform of chosen ones. (Chorus) F G Am Cause' the darkness gives us our thrills The intro of rough, but the chords are right.. let me know what you think Aaron C!!
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