Gone But Not Forgotten chords with lyrics by Hank Williams Iii - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams Iii – Gone But Not Forgotten chords

(intro) D C G

D C GDrifting just like a dog now
D C GRunning with no place to go
D C GI'm trying to get over something
D C GThat did its best to take my soul
D C GCos your gone but not forgotten
D C GAnd I see your smiling face
D C GOne day I'll be over you dear
D C GWhen I'm done living in this place
I've been torn down and thrown outta here Shaking like a bag of bones Looking for some piece of mine Until you let me go (chorus) I've played every card I have Each time I had to fold One day I might try to win back The love from me that you've done stole (chorus) comment and rate
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