Hank Williams Jr - Ive Got Rights chords

Date: 05/01/2009
From: John Hoelting
Song: I've Got Rights by Hank Williams Jr.

Hello Everyone. This is my first tab so if something is out of place
then ...oops! I chose this song because it has yet to be tabbed and it is
super easy. Not to mention a great song. You should all know these chords
by now so I will not post the chord breakdowns. Have fun with it. Peace

This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#

Verse 1

D C GI went down to the Mary Carter paint store
D C GI said give me one of them Smith and Wesson magnum forty fours
D C GCause there's a man that the law let loose and justice was not done
F G C DThis man killed my wife and my only little son
D C GI'll never forget the way he looked all through the trial
D C GHe had his big named lawyer and he had that smirkey smile
D C GOh yeah he got you off on a technicality
F G C DBut you'll have to grow wings and fly to ever get away from me
G DCause I got rights I got rights too
C G F DAnd this time there won't be no damn lawyer and system to protect you
G DBut I'm gonna read you I'm gonna read you your rights
C G FYou gotta right to know that you're gonna go to hell one of these black
Verse 2
D C GWhen the trial was over he had the nerve to say that's the way it goes
D CI said well hoss you better get you some corks
GCause you're gonna have to plug up a few holes
D C GGuess he thought I was talkin' just to pass away time
F G C DBut it kinda looks different now on his knees beggin' for his life
G DHey I got rights I got some rights too...
C G F DNo this time there ain't no damn lawyers and systems to save you
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