Dinosaur tab with lyrics by Hank Williams Jr - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams Jr – Dinosaur tab

Verse 1:
        E                              A
	Hey man them ain't high heeled sneakers
        E                                    A
	And they sure don't look like cowboy boots	
        E                                 A
	And that ain't rock and roll your playin
	F#                                      B
	And it sure ain't country or rhythm and blues
	A                         B                   E
	Your singing a song about making love to your drummer
	A               B                     E
	Well gay guitar pickers don't turn me on
	A                    B           E
	And we don't all get in to donna summers
	F#                                          B
	Do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs!

Chorus:                     A   B        E
 	Cause you see I'm a di... .... nosaur
	                          A     B      E                       
	I should have died out a long.. time.. before
                         A    B    E                      
	Have Pitty on a di.. .... nosaur
                   F#             B                    E
        Hand me my hat excuse me maam, but where's the door!

Verse 2:
        E					 A
	Used to be I had a lot of fun in the old hangout
	E 					      A
	We'd get stoned at the jukebox to stay out of fights
	E 				              A
	Now and then we'd light a little smoke in the truck out back!
  	F#                                     B
	And a little old Jim Beam and we'd get right.
                           A               B            E
	And you know these flashing lights sure make me dizzy
                 A            B             E
	And this disco's very strange to my ears
        A                            B               E
	Look's like they turned the longhorn into a spaceship
	            F#                                   B
	And I'll be leaving just a soon as I finish this beer

to chorus: 
	Give us our hats 
        Excuse me maam
        Where's the door!

the end
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