Hank Williams - Ill Fly Away tab

This is how I play it but I just play by ear so...
The G, C, and D are just the chords and when to change to that chord
You just play this 3 times and thats the song enjoy

G G7 C G D GE-------------------------------------------------------|B-0-------0---0-1-0-----------0-------0---1-0--1-0------|G---0---0---0-------2-0---------0---0---0-----------2-0-|D-----0-----------------2-2-0-----0---------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
G G7 C G D GE------------------------------------------------------|B-3-0-0-3-0---------------------------0-1-1-0--1-0-----|G-----------2-0--0--------------0-0-2--------------2-0-|D-------------------2-2-0--0-2-------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------|
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