Hank Williams - Cant You See chords

Can't You See 
by Hank Williams
Submitted by : Rockin Ron

Intro: A, G, D, A

Verse 1
AWell I'm gonna take a freight train,
GDown at the station Lord
D AAnd I don't care where it goes
AGonna climb a mountain,
GThe highest mountain,
D Ajump off, nobody gonna know
A G D ACan't you see, can't you see, what that woman, she been doin' to me
A G D A Can't you see, can't you see, what that woman been doin' to me
Verse 2 I'm gonna find me A hole in the wall Iím gona crawl inside and die Cause That lady now, a mean ol' woman Lord She Never told me goodbye CHORUS Verse 3 Gonna buy me a ticket now, As far as I can, I Ain't never comin' back Take me Southbound, All the way to Alabam Till the train has run out of track CHORUS repeat 5x's
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