Hank Williams – Ill Be A Bachelor Till I Die tab

Hank Williams
I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die

Intro: Here are three alternate-octave riffs you can toy around with to simulate 
the lap-steel guitar. 
The 3rd is closest to the steel version, but I think any riff will work depending 
on what you're going for.  
The 2nd version acts as a template for starting the guitar solo after the first verse.  
If you can use a slide, it sounds even better.

Intro chords:   D  A  D

1st: Low-octave riff:e|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------2~~--2-4-2-----------------------|D|-------0---0-2-4-----------0-4-2-0------4---------|A|-0-2-4---4----------------------------0-----------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
2nd: Same riff up an octave:e|--------------------------------------------------|B|---------------7-10~~-10-12-10---7----------7-----|G|-----6-7-6-7-9-----------------7---9-7------------|D|-7-9--------------------------------------7-------|A|--------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
3rd: Same riff, up yet another octave:e|----------------------14-17~~17-19-17----14-------------14|B|-------14-15-14-15-17-----------------15----17-15---------|G|-14-16------------------------------------------------14--|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 1: D I'll take you to the picture show and babe I'll hold your hand D7 I'll sit up in your parlor let you cool me with your fan G D I'll listen to your troubles and pet you when you cry A7 D But get that marryin' out of your head I'll be a bachelor till I die
Guitar solo (I’m 99% certain of this. Listen to the song for precise timing): De|----------------------7----------------------------7-10--|B|---------------7-10-----10-----10--------------/7-10-----|G|-------7-7-7-7-------------9/11--11\9p7---7-7------------|D|-7-9-7---------------------------------9p7---------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
D7 Ge|-10-7-----------------------------------10---10---10---10-|B|------10--------------77777------------12---12---12---12--|G|---------br9p7-7-7--7-10bbr7----------12---12---12---12---|D|----------------9-----------9-8-7----12---12---12---12----|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
A7 De|-----------------------------|B|-----10-------------------10-|G|-9/11--11\9p7----7-7--9/11---|D|-------------9p7-------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
VERSE 2: D I don't mind honky tonkin' round if that will bring you fun D7 But somehow I can't understand how one and one makes one G D I like to cuddle near you and listen to you lie A7 D But get that marryin' out of your head I'll be a bachelor till I die (Fiddle Solo) VERSE 3: D Now if you want a help mate you're just wasting lots of time D7 Cause I'm afraid of church bells how they scare me when they chime G D I've seen those married people just up and say goodbye A7 D So keep that marryin' out of your head I'll be a bachelor till I die (Steel Solo, ends with opening riff) VERSE 4: D This freedom's mighty precious in this land of liberty D7 I've seen what matrimony done to better men than me G D I don't mind keepin' comp'ny with the apple of my eye A7 D But keep that marryin' out of your head I'll be a bachelor till I die *This Williams Sr. (waaayy better than jr.) tune worked out by the long-gone daddy, Starcat. timjlehmann@gmail.com
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