Hannah Montana - Ordinary Girl chords version 1

Hannah Montana Forever - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

Uhoo oh yeah,
La da a da

GDonít get me wrong,
AmI love who I am
EmI donít wanna be ungrateful
C GIt probably sounds strange
AmI really love the role I play
EmThe songs I sing
C GBut with all the fame
AmThe things that seem so simple,
Em Csuddenly, so far out of reach
G Am Wish that they could see that underneathÖ
C GIím just an ordinary girl!
G CSometimes Iím lazy
AmI get bored
CI get scared
AmI feel ignored
G C G I feel happy, I get silly
Am GI choke on my own words
Am CI make wishes, I have Dreams
G AmAnd I still want to believe
CAnything can happen in this world,
GFor an ordinary girl
Am C(Like you, Like me)
D GFor an ordinary girl
Am C(Like you, Like me)
GHow are you?
AmHello, Good-bye
Em One day here, One day there
C GAnd again itís time to go
G Am Miss popular always on the road
CPut my best foot forward
DGotta get on with the show
G Am GStrike a pose for the front cover of a magazine
C GEverywhere I arrive, I get high-5ís
Am They pay me larger than life
C GIím just an ordinary girl!
Sometimes Iím lazy....
D C G DSo give it everything or nothiní at all
C you Get back on your feel when
G DYou stumble and fall
G CA little luck can go a long way
GSo donít you worry about what people say
Am DWho knows when the wind may blow
D G CFor an ordinary girl..(Mmmm)
C GIím just an ordinary girl
Sometimes Iím lazy....
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